How to Store Your Expensive Clothes in Summer? Know the Right Way!

How to Store Your Expensive Clothes in Summer? Know the Right Way!

Our wardrobe is our pretty little asset that we are very much fond of and, of course, proud of. Who doesn’t want to flaunt their expensive ethnic closet at his or her best friend’s wedding? Will there be anyone who doesn’t want to get into his or her cozy hand-woven woolen sweater at the breezy nights of winter? How can one miss wearing those leather jackets on drizzling mornings?

Well, we are so particular when it comes to dressing for an occasion. Be it a wedding or a busy working Monday, we never forget to pick an appropriate outfit for every celebration, weather, mood, and what not.

Thanks to the textile industries worldwide that blessed us with a great number of fabric choices for our wardrobe. Silk, cotton, brocade, woolen, Cashmere are some examples of these fabrics. We look for many details when we choose to buy an expensive outfit. Whereas after buying, we end up worrying the ways to safeguard it. When summer arrives, it is an added task to safeguard your expensive winter clothes along with other occasionally used clothes. Let’s look at some ideas and hacks that could come in handy while storing your clothes during summer.

  1. Store only clean clothes

Whether it is a winter clothing piece, such as sweater, scarf, Cashmere shawl etc, or any garment for that matter, it is very important to wash the clothes appropriately before storing it. Besides washing, it is also necessary to dry them completely before stacking it up. Only clean and dry clothes can ensure the long-term storage without any damage to the cloth by fungus and moth. Moths are lured by the body perfumes, scents and food odor etc. Drying the clothes in summer can be bit daunting, as the sunlight during these days cannot be very welcoming to the outfits that are vulnerable to fading.  If not sunlight, you can always air dry them in your room in order to get rid of these foreign unwanted guests.

  1. Wrap it up

Wrapping the clothes with another layer of protection can help in many ways to protect your dear expensive clothes. The layer of protection depends on the fabric of the garment. For example, woolen outfits and silk or Cashmere knit shawls must be covered in transparent airtight plastic bags or covers.  However, some garments require to be covered by a layer that can give little ventilation. When ventilation is spoken about, it is also important to choose your closet that provides aeration to your wardrobe. As much as a garden, your closet has life too. The closet has to be dry and void of moisture. To ensure a dry surface, chemical desiccant can be used to absorb moisture.

  1. Fold the right way

There are a lot of options when it comes to clothing. Not all the garments behave the same way, though. Not all are treated the same way, too. Some may need to be folded, whereas some may need to be hanged. The one embellished with stones, pearls, laces etc. need to be protected with acid-free tissue paper in between each layer. Therefore, read the instructions of every garment before washing and storing it.

These are some of the little steps that can be ensured before storing your expensive clothes in summer. So get started to store it the right way, and let your expensive clothes take a long summer nap.

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